Flip Flop

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November 3, 2023

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Flip Flop arrived as a stray to Berrien County Animal Control. Somehow, he had broken his foot prior to his arrival to the shelter. He also tested positive for heartworm disease upon intake.

Flip Flop waited for several days in the shelter for his family to reclaim him, but no one came. Due to his medical needs, Berrien County reached out to OTAT for help, as they did not have the resources to provide him the medical care he needs.

Vet Visit

Flip Flop was taken to the vet where his injury was confirmed. It was discovered that he had a small fracture in his foot that was healing, but would require some intervention. The medical team decided that the best treatment was to keep Flip Flop on strict crate rest with his leg splinted. He will need weekly bandage changes and ongoing x-rays to monitor healing. Once his foot is healed, he will begin heartworm treatment.

Needless to say, Flip Flop is wiggling and wagging through it all.

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