Our Story

Matt Nelson created the WeRateDogs Twitter account in November of 2015, he posted his first GoFundMe for a dog in need in 2016, and since 2017, the WeRateDogs community has been fundraising every single Friday. They have raised over $2 million to help families pay for their dogs’ medical bills.

Every week, hundreds of pleas for help are sent to the account, often totaling millions in requested funds. Matt and the rest of the WeRateDogs team have witnessed the devastating toll medical bills can have on a family and just how expensive a trip to the emergency vet can be. At the beginning of 2020, in addition to the weekly audience-funded campaign, Matt and team started funding a GoFundMe campaign themselves and encouraging their audience to get medical insurance for their pets.

On August 8, 2020, Matt adopted Doug, a now 11-year-old German shepherd. Doug had severe ear infections, was visibly arthritic, and does not get along with any other dogs. For these reasons, it was very unlikely he would’ve made it out of the shelter had he not been rescued. He is an excellent example of an amazing dog whose medical and behavioral issues lessened the likelihood of them finding a forever home.

After dealing with the harsh realities of pet medical bills and adopting Doug, Matt was inspired to launch the 15/10 Foundation, named for the highest rating any dog has ever received on WeRateDogs. The Foundation fills a void in the animal welfare world by sponsoring dogs with behavioral or medical issues unlikely to ever make it out of the shelter. It hopes to channel the overwhelming support the WeRateDogs audience has shown for years into effective care for the dogs who need it most.

The nonprofit move feels like a natural progression for any powerful community, and we cannot wait to see just how many lives we can change for the better ❤️

15/10 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Your contributions are fully tax-deductible.