How do you choose which dogs to help?

We work with rescues and shelter liaisons with years of experience in their area who help identify which dogs are unlikely to get adopted from the shelter and also unlikely to be an attractive candidate for rescues.

Where are you operating?

Los Angeles, Chicago and Austin, TX for now. We understand that WeRateDogs has a worldwide following, and we want to help solve these problems everywhere. The void we’re filling exists in most places, but we want to make sure we have the resources and expertise to expand responsibly.

What’s the difference between a shelter and a rescue?

Shelters are typically operated and funded by local governments, and shelter animals are kept in a facility and housed with other animals. They are sometimes referred to as “animal control” or “the pound.” Rescue groups, on the other hand, are generally operated by volunteers and funded by donations. They typically recruit fosters and take on animals who, for one reason or another, have a lesser chance of being adopted directly from a shelter.

What rescues are you currently working with?

Currently we are working with Deity Rescue in Los Angeles, One Tail at A Time in Chicago and Austin Humane Society in Austin, TX. We hope to expand our network of rescues within the city, and eventually we want to work with rescues in cities across the country. If you are a rescue interested in working with us, please apply here.

Where does the 15/10 Foundation fit in?

Some animals arrive at a shelter as injured strays or were surrendered because a previous owner could not afford the medical care the animal needed. These dogs are less likely to get adopted because the cost of their immediate medical and/or ongoing, lifetime care is prohibitive for new potential owners. Often the only hope for these animals is a rescue or private party with the financial ability to sponsor the medical costs. Unfortunately, many rescues cannot take on the long-term financial burden these cases require. So, the 15/10 Foundation sponsors those dogs and fills that void. With their medical costs paid for, it becomes much easier for a rescue to say yes to pulling that dog and helping them find their forever home.

You’ll sponsor them for their whole life?

Whatever medical issue is acting as a hindrance to their adoption, we will take care of it in its entirety—even if that means a monthly prescription or treatment for the rest of that dog’s life. Broken leg? We’ll pay for the surgery AND the physical therapy that may follow, even if the dog has already found their forever home. However, we are not medical insurance for your pet. We cannot commit to covering unrelated injuries or illnesses that arise unrelated to the initial reason they couldn’t get adopted. We still strongly encourage all new pet parents look into medical insurance for them.

How can I adopt a 15/10 dog?

At the top of their individual page, under their name, you’ll see the shelter they were rescued from and the rescue they’re currently with. Clicking the rescue will take you to the dog’s page on their site or an adoption form.

Are donations to 15/10 Foundation tax-exempt?

15/10 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Your contributions are fully tax-deductible.

How can I become a rescue partner?

While it’s true we want to stay local to LA until we’re very confident in our game plan, we want to be prepared to expand when we’re ready. If you’re a rescue and are interested in one day submitting potential 15/10 dogs, please submit an application here.

How can I submit a dog for help?

We are starting this initiative with LA-based shelter dogs. However, we want to be prepared to expand when we’re ready. If you believe you’ve identified the perfect 15/10 candidate in a shelter near you, please email [email protected].

How will you use the funds I donate?

Whether you’re becoming a member or making a one-time donation to a dog or the foundation itself, your donation will help cover the medical bills of a 15/10 and assist in the overhead required to identify and care for them. As we become more and more efficient, we hope the percentage of your donation going directly to the medical bills increases.

Who can I email for technical support?

You can send an email to [email protected] for any technical support.

How do I manage my 15/10 Membership?

You can manage your membership, including donation amounts here. If you are having any trouble with managing your donations, please email us from the email address used during your membership registration at [email protected] and we will assist you.

Need volunteers?

Not yet! But trust me, we’ll let you know.

What inspired WeRateDogs to create a foundation?

A few things! For one, Matt adopted Doug, and Doug is sadly an example of a dog who, without rescue intervention, would have been euthanized in a shelter due to both medical and behavioral issues. Over the years the WeRateDogs team has also been exposed to every facet of the dog economy, from shelters and rescue, to veterinary mental health, to the ins and outs of medical bills and insurance. After consulting with many individuals from all these areas, the mission of the 15/10 Foundation was formed.