Spud spent a few days with a trial adoption, but his trial family quickly knew he was home, and he was officially adopted on April 25! We’re so happy for this beautiful boy, and we will continue to cover any and all medical bills related to his hip dysplasia, the original reason he was unlikely to make it out of the shelter. You can read his entire journey below.


Spud arrived at the shelter last month as an owner surrender with suspected hip issues. He’s weak in his rear legs and needs to take breaks during walks when he starts to not feel well. When the Deity team went to meet him, he was apprehensive and shy at first, but his sweet and curious nature quickly came out. He enjoys being out and about and does very well around people and other dogs.

Freedom Ride

When it was time to leave, Spud was nervous but seemed excited for his next adventure.

Vet Visit

Spud was very brave during his vet visit. He welcomed all of the treats that came his way and allowed the veterinarian to do what he needed to do. It was confirmed that Spud has double hip dysplasia, which will require surgery. We’re hoping to get him in for one hip surgery in the next couple of weeks, then reassess to see if he needs to have surgery for the other hip. In the meantime, he’s been prescribed anti-inflammatories, joint supplements and plenty of love to help him.


Spud has settled in nicely to an amazing foster home that has other dogs to interact with. Spud loves going for walks and exploring new places, though his current conditions limit how many walks he goes on. He’s still very interested in treats and proves to be a very good boy to earn them.

Pupdate 3/6/22

Spud has moved in with a new foster family, and he’s getting more confident on his walks with the help of turkey.

Pupdate 3/29/22

Spud is still waiting on his forever family to find him, but in the meantime, he’s enjoying life at his foster home. He’s been going for walks and spending time with his foster siblings. He even went on a little hike, and the strength he has gained in his back end is amazing. He didn’t have to stop for breaks or anything! We also discovered he looks incredible in the color turquoise.

Pupdate 4/21/22

Spud is starting a trial adoption! His foster mom planned to send all of his supplies with him to his trial, except for the brand new bed that he never uses, so she decided to donate it to Deity. Spud did not like this idea one bit, and he hasn’t gotten off the bed since.

Pupdate 4/24/22

Spud’s trial adoption is going great. He is still hesitant on walks, but his love of tasty snacks has only become greater.


$26.06 April 15, 2022

Rebecca, Aiden, and Ellie

$15.76 April 8, 2022

Get well soon goodest of boys!! ❤️❤️ Sending healing love from MA!

Theresa Dugan

$103.30 April 8, 2022


$10.61 April 8, 2022

Tamara McDaniel

$10.61 April 8, 2022

Oliver J Vega

$10.61 March 19, 2022

Denise Boshear

$51.80 February 19, 2022

Holly Bruun

$26.06 February 19, 2022

Get better soon handsome boy

Kim Fay

$51.80 February 18, 2022


$26.06 February 18, 2022


$7.52 February 18, 2022


$26.06 February 18, 2022

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