Shadow was officially adopted on 12/8/21. His new family renamed him “Doug,” which, for obvious reasons, made me cry. We will continue to pay for his over-the-counter joint supplements and anything related to his existing ear hematoma. You can scroll through this page to see his entire journey.


We first saw Shadow while we were picking up Rango and Precious from the same shelter. We said if he was still there when we came back next time, we’d break him out. And he was, so we did! He reminds me a lot of Doug, so he was an easy decision. He’s a big leaner. He’ll put all of his weight on you and expect you not to complain. He also smells straight up horrific, but we’re working on that. His tiny bear ears made us all laugh, which is fine because he couldn’t hear us.

Freedom Ride

Shadow shared his freedom ride with Chester. This was comical because of their size difference. The car we used for transport now smells just as bad as Shadow did. He just had his initial vet visit and you can keep scrolling for that content!

Vet Visit (12/1)

Here’s Shadow getting his ears cleaned. He moaned a bit which we’re going to assume means he enjoyed it? He’ll need ear meds and arthritis medication moving forward. We may need to x-ray his hind end to see if there’s a source of his stiffness.

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