Lyiam was adopted on March 3, 2022! He now calls Big Bear home, where he has a cattle dog sister named Nova, whom he adores. He continues to heal and be an amazing pup. We will continue to cover any and all medical bills related to his autoimmune skin disorder, the original reason he was unlikely to make it out of the shelter. You can read his entire journey below.



In November, Lyiam was surrendered to South LA animal shelter by his owner who was leaving the country and also couldn’t afford the necessary treatment for his Lupus diagnosis. He has visible signs of his condition around his eyes and nose in the form of ulcers. Lupus requires lifelong treatment, but Lyiam doesn’t seem to mind. He’s a friendly boy with a lot of energy! He ran around the large yard at the shelter with unexpected grace. He loves fetch and does well with other dogs!

Freedom Ride

When it was time to go, Lyiam hopped in the car with ease and laid down. He was very matter of fact about the whole operation. And he actually shared his freedom ride with fellow 15/10, Lemon!


The vet believes there is additional infection in the lupus lesions that need to be treated as well. Lupus sores are exacerbated by sun exposure and Lyiam looks to have spent a lot of time in the sun. The vet is treating that infection with antibiotics and ordering the topical medication for the sores. Medication would be applied daily topically until the sores heal.


A new foster picked up Lyiam last week (week of January 10). He is gentle with their old small dog, playful with their friends’ dogs, and has very nice manners. He had his biopsy yesterday with the skin and ear vet. We should have the results of that biopsy soon!

2/21 Pupdate

Lyiam’s new diagnosis is pemphigus foliaceus. It’s causing the lesions on his nose but is clearing up beautifully with topical treatment. We’ve learned from his new foster that he gets along well with other dogs, knows basic commands, and is potty trained. He loves his foster but is ready for a home to call his own. Reminder that, thanks to our members, 15/10 is covering all medical bills related to this disease.



$103.30 February 22, 2022

Bobbie Fesler

$103.30 February 21, 2022

He looks so much like our Scrappy, the most wonderful rescue dog ever! We lost him last year, sadly, but he blessed us for 13 years. ????

Sumy Parkat

$10.61 February 21, 2022

Blessings to sweet Lyiam! We hope you find your furever home soon! ????????????????


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Andrea Spitaler

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