Cherry was officially adopted on 12/3 by her foster mom. She may be a foster failure but she is set up for so much success. She is the first dog the 15/10 Foundation ever sponsored as well as the first to get adopted! Our commitment to her doesn’t end here, however. We will continue to cover any and all medical bills related to her broken leg, the original reason she was unlikely to make it out of the shelter. You can scroll through this page to see her entire journey.


Cherry was rescued from North Central Animal Shelter in LA. She arrived there on 11/04/21 as a stray and it was immediately suspected she had been hit by a car. Thanks to the shelter’s quick networking, Deity Animal Rescue was made aware of the need to get her to an outside orthopedic vet ASAP. 

Freedom Ride (11/10/21)

Here she is on her way out of the shelter. Cherry was in a cast and under the influence of some heavy pain medication. Her freedom ride was a lot of deep sighs and snoozing. She rested her eyes knowing she was safe and would be taken care of. 


The vet examined Cherry and confirmed she was around 6 months old. Her extremely dirty ears, dried paw pads and sunburnt nose told us she had been on the streets for some time. Her leg was in a cast, but we had a plan for that. She was deemed otherwise healthy and it was safe to move forward with surgery to rectify her broken bones.

Surgery (11/11/21)

The orthopedic surgeon took a look at Cherry’s x-rays and determined she would have plates and screws inserted at the fracture points in her bones. The doctor expects that after recovery, Cherry will be as good as new! The nurses fell so deeply in love with her that they decorated her cast with a cherry pie made out of colored surgical tape. She spent the night after a successful surgery and tomorrow would be the first day of the rest of her life.

Foster Home

Cherry’s foster was committed to her recovery from the second she met her. Cherry took quickly to the warmth and comfort of her foster home. She spent the first day catching up on sleep and resting her leg and has come out of her shell more and more every day. She wags her tail with a smile when she gets pets, she lays on her back asking for belly rubs, she gets bursts of puppy energy and makes silly noises. As her medication started to wear off, her personality has shone through. She loves other dogs and people, will do almost anything for a treat, prefers to sleep in her human’s bed and even loves playdates with kids!

Pupdate 11/23/21

Cherry’s care can go several different ways from here, ranging from not too costly, to fairly expensive. She has a few vet appointments scheduled to check how the bones are healing. We’re hoping to avoid emergency resuturing, infections, and are not sure if there will be a need for physical therapy yet. We have experience dealing with all of these audibles, which helped us arrive at our $6k goal.

Pupdate 11/30/21

Cherry got a replacement to her cherry pie cast on 11/23 and then again over the weekend. It is currently purple 🙂 She’ll need to stay “quiet” until mid-December, which is when hopefully the final cast can come off! We don’t want to jinx ourselves but we should have an exciting announcement about Cherry very soon.

Pupdate 1/19/22

Cherry has moved to Vermont and has no plans of coming back to LA at this time. She has a best friend pit bull/boxer and loves the snow.

Pupdate 4/7/22

Big big news for Cherry: she moved to London with her family! We hope to have photos soon of her new adventures as an English citizen.


1510 Members

$800.00 November 19, 2021

Paid for by members of the 15/10 Foundation.


$250.00 November 19, 2021

Natalie VanLiew

$206.28 November 30, 2021


$205.25 November 19, 2021

小宝贝???? 加油~

Brendan Mahoney

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$103.30 November 19, 2021


$103.30 November 19, 2021


$103.30 November 19, 2021

Liz Rohrman

$103.30 November 19, 2021

Diane Scott

$103.30 November 19, 2021

Get well soon, Cherry. Thank you, 15/10 for all you do for the good doggos.

Yolanda Flores

$103.30 November 19, 2021

Hope Cherry gets all the care she needs

Eric Stanulis

$103.30 November 19, 2021

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