Wendy Darling


Wendy Darling arrived at Austin Humane Society with a heart full of love… and worms. She tested positive for heartworms, which are parasitic worms that are transmitted from the bite of an infected mosquito. Without treatment, heartworms can cause heart failure and death in dogs. We were able to rescue her and sponsor her lifelong care because so many of you bought our 15/10 Treat with JustFoodForDogs!

Vet Visit

Wendy Darling started her heartworm treatment, which begins with 28 days of oral doxycycline to kill the baby heartworms. After she finishes her 28 day dose of medication, she will get a series of three melarsomine injections to kill the adult heartworms. During her treatment, she will be on activity restrictions to prevent parts of the dead worms from creating a blockage in her heart and ensure a full recovery.


Wendy will continue her heartworm treatment, and in the meantime, she is staying in a foster home with plans for adoption! We’ll keep everyone pupdated on her progress.

15/10 Treat

August 19, 2022

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