Rango was adopted by his foster family on 1/10/22! Our hippo has a home. We’re told he’s doing wonderfully and is unintentionally hilarious at all times. Thank you for showing him so much love and support. It paid off!



From the moment we laid eyes on Rango in his kennel at the shelter, we couldn’t stop giggling. He just sat there quietly with a wagging tail, short legs, round body and thick neck. We met with him in the play yard, where he got even sillier. He made goofy noises like a pig, played with bouncy balls too big for his mouth, and waddled around the grass, making us chuckle. He is suffering from some sort of skin condition or infection that shows around his eyes, ears, and back. He has a growth on his back that will need to be biopsied. He appears to have ear infections in one or both ears. Rango needs a lot of love and medical attention, stat.

Freedom Ride (11/19/21)

Rango was very pleased to be out of the shelter. His little legs darted straight for the car and he only needed a little help getting in. We got him a piece of hamburger, which he thoroughly enjoyed, and then had his first vet visit.


Our vet says he’s got an ear infection, old ulcers in both eyes, entropian in one eye, has a mass on his back that needs removed, and is “extremely smelly.” In other words he’s perfect for us. He was prescribed antibiotics for his eyes and ears and will need surgery to remove the mass. We’re not sure if he’ll need entropian surgery yet, but he’ll definitely be neutered ASAP.

11/23 Pupdate

Rango is currently looking for a foster home! There’s a link to apply at the top of this page. He needs a home without other dogs while we get to know him better and treat his skin condition. Another cost dictating our goal is his training. He isn’t dog reactive, but he’s a bit of an asshole, and we want to fully understand his limits before attempting to find his forever home.

11/30 Pupdate

Rango is boarding with the vet until he can be neutered, which will happen at the same time as his entropian eye surgery and the mass removal on his back. We believe that will improve his temperament, make him calmer with other dogs, and increase his chances of getting a foster home. Hopefully all of that can happen Friday. Until then we are visiting him frequently and letting him waddle around like the perfect little hippo he is.


Our baby hippopotamus Rango went shopping today and then took a big nap. He’s recovering well from his medical procedures and is waiting patiently for a foster or adopter to give him a chance. Links to apply at the top of this page!

Pupdate: 1/19/22

Rango was adopted and renamed Gus!


Kelly and Andrew States

$1,510.00 November 22, 2021

Good luck, Rango!

1510 Members

$800.00 November 20, 2021

Paid for by members of the 15/10 Foundation.


$515.24 November 19, 2021

Shalini Vijayan

$111.53 November 25, 2021

Even if he’s a bit of an asshole, Rango deserves a chance. Happy Thanksgiving, buddy!

Anita Rodgers

$103.30 November 19, 2021

Good boy, Rango!


$103.30 November 20, 2021

Elisabeth O’Sullivan

$103.30 November 20, 2021


$103.30 November 20, 2021

Jo Reece

$103.30 November 23, 2021


$103.30 November 19, 2021


$103.30 November 20, 2021


$100.00 November 23, 2021

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