Princess Leia

15/10 Treat

$5,600.00 May 13, 2022



At only 8 weeks old, Princess Leia was surrendered to the South LA animal shelter by a breeder when she was born without front legs. Because so many of you purchased our 15/10 treat, we were able to rescue her in partnership with Deity, and sponsor her full medical care for the rest of her life.

Freedom Ride

Our sweet princess was still very new to this big world when she was rescued from the shelter, so she was quiet and nervous during her freedom ride.

Vet Visit

Princess Leia was vetted at the shelter when she arrived. She was given her first round of puppy vaccines, and will need two more rounds over the next five weeks until she’s fully vaccinated. Given her congenital birth defect, we plan to get her fitted for wheels to improve her mobility when she’s a little older, since she’s growing every day and would quickly outgrow them. Physical therapy will be considered in the future if needed. We’ll keep you all updated on her journey!


It didn’t take long for Princess Leia to come out of her quiet and nervous shell – only 24 hours post-rescue! She quickly started to relax, cuddle and wag her tail in her foster home. To help her eat and drink, the front of her body is propped up on a toilet paper roll. (She’s just so tiny!) Turns out she loves toys, and she does very well with other dogs and even tortoises. Her foster family is so in love with her, and have dubbed her “bouncy queen.”

Melissa Ortega

$12.67 May 13, 2022


$51.80 May 13, 2022

Lacy Burnett

$26.06 May 13, 2022

Joe Damiani

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$25.00 May 13, 2022

Kiran D

$20.91 May 13, 2022

Chris Couture

$26.06 May 13, 2022

Good luck Leia!

15/10 Treat

$5,600.00 May 13, 2022

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