Even though Karla, Precious’s foster, knew that Precious would be staying because of her health- she couldn’t stand the thought that precious wouldn’t be adopted into her “forever home”. She said she could never imagine her life without her, so she made it official! Precious was adopted on 1/13/22 and will live out the rest of her days with the person who loves her the most.


Precious was brought to the shelter as a stray and was there for nearly three months before we met her. While in the shelter, she contracted an upper respiratory infection that she beat like a champ. Upon intake, the shelter noted she was a “NICE DOG,” and we couldn’t agree more. She ate treats from our hands for nearly 30 minutes and showed us all of her special tricks.

Freedom Ride (11/10/21)

Here she is on her way out of the shelter. Precious trotted to her getaway car with glee and excitement. With a little assistance, she hopped into the car and took her seat with a smile. She thanked her transporter with a face full of kisses and took in the quiet of the ride. This girl was grateful, and it was about to get even better.


The vet was taken aback by Precious’s condition. Her multiple, large masses were only the beginning of her ailments. She also was in serious need of dental cleaning and spay surgery. Upon further investigation, the vet located a suspicious mass near her booty that needed surgery ASAP. She is scheduled for mass removal, spay, and dental, and the vet will send off her tissue for pathology. We were given a verbal estimate of $5k to remove the masses and really want to get them to pathology to rule out cancer. Because of her age, we also accounted for anti-inflammatory medication for the rest of her life to ease her arthritis.

Foster Home

Precious scored foster home gold. Her foster mom lined up a few beds for her to choose from, and Precious chose them all by stretching across them. She slept so soundly she had to be woken up with food put in front of her nose. She plays all day with her seven foster dog siblings. Her foster mom even fed her “Surf + Turf,” which Precious gave two thumbs up. While she waits for her surgery appointment, Precious is living large.

Surgery (11/30)

Precious will be in surgery this morning for a couple hours getting most of her lumps and bumps removed. The really big ones on her stomach will go first, followed by several smaller ones on her leg. There is one on her booty that will be sent to pathology to confirm its origin. Some of the less concerning ones will stay for now as the vet doesn’t want her under anesthesia for too long. She’ll spend the night at the vet and should be back with her amazing foster family tomorrow!

Back Home with Foster (12/4)

Precious’ surgery was a success! They removed all the big or concerning bumps and sent them to pathology. We should get results back soon. She enjoyed a special post-surgery egg McMuffin and is back with her foster family now. A reminder that she’s so so adoptable and you can apply through the link at the top of her page.

Pathology Results

We got results back for Precious. One of her masses was adenocarcinoma, an invasive cancer that will eventually return. For now, she is happy, and living her best life with her foster family. You all gave her the opportunity to be loved again. She wanted to thank you for that.

Pupdate: 1/19/22

Precious’s foster mama has decided to adopt precious! She is home!

We also have some news about the mass on her paw that was not previously removed. It has grown quite a bit and will need to be examined and potentially removed because she is messing with it.

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