Our partner Real Good Rescue found Mia in the South LA shelter and couldn’t leave without her. She scooped her up and headed directly to the vet for a complete evaluation of Mia’s health.


Mia’s bloodwork came back showing signs of infection and bacteria, both in her skin and as a UTI. She also had numerous masses all over her body that need a thorough checking. One mass on her foot was diagnosed as having cancerous soft tissue sarcoma. She had successful surgery removing the cancer on her foot, and she got to keep all her toes. Sarcoma is tricky – it can come back and will need to be continually removed to make sure it doesn’t spread to other areas of Mia’s body.

While Mia was under anesthesia for the cancer removal, she also got her teeth taken care of. She had a handful of rotten teeth that were extracted, giving her a sweet smile now.


This petite lady is approximately 3 years old, 45 lbs, super friendly, has loved all people and dogs that she’s met. She’s also very wiggly and looking for a home to call her own.

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