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$1,000.00 April 29, 2022

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Manny arrived at the shelter as a stray with a severe skin condition. His exaggerated skin wrinkles make him look like an old man, but he definitely doesn’t act like it. Despite his discomfort, he is a happy-go-lucky pup and as sweet as can be. He met our rescue partner, Deity, in the play yard with a wagging tail and was interested in sniffing the grass and saying hello to his visitors.

Freedom Ride

When it was time to go, he snuck into the front seat to give kisses every few minutes to remind his rescuers how thankful he was.

Vet Visit

Despite his absolutely devastated facial expression pictured below, Manny did very well at the vet! He was friendly with every person he met, and he was excited to meet all of the other dogs present. He patiently waited by the door for the vet to arrive, and kindly allowed the vet to perform his exam. Manny even gave the vet tech some kisses. A skin scrape determined Manny’s condition is Demodectic Mange, a non contagious form of the skin disease. He will need weekly medicated baths and to follow up with a veterinary dermatologist for a treatment plan. We’ll of course keep everyone pupdated on his skin progress.

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Good luck manny!

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Good luck, Manny!

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