Maggie’s trial adoption went very well, and she was officially adopted on April 4! We will continue to cover any and all medical bills related to her arthritis and ear infections, the original reason she was unlikely to make it out of the shelter. You can read her entire story below.


As soon as we saw Maggie’s wonky ear that matches our founder’s, we knew she was a 15/10. She arrived at the shelter as a stray back in December. It was an honor to break her out.

Freedom Ride

Maggie was very excited to get the show on the road, too excited to even eat the treats offered to her! She was a wonderful passenger.

Vet Visit

Maggie had plenty of love to give the veterinarian staff, and did very well as the doctor performed his evaluation. The vet discovered a double ear infection and pain in Maggie’s left hip when touched. She was prescribed antibiotics to clear up the ear infections and a bath as soon as possible lol

Pupdate 3/21/22

Maggie got a bath and a good brushing after her visit to the vet, and she seems happy and comfy. Her hip pain no longer seems to be an issue either. She’s friendly with other dogs and has her occasional bursts of energy, but she prefers a calm presence once her energetic moments are over. She understands basic commands, and she is quite smart. After quickly learning that water comes from sinks, she now puts her paws on the sink whenever she’s thirsty.

Pupdate 3/29

Maggie went to a trial adoption today!



$10.61 April 1, 2022


$10.00 March 31, 2022


$100.00 March 31, 2022

If this dog has already been fully funded, please apply my gift to another in need

Leigh Hall

$103.30 March 31, 2022

James Lynch

$103.30 March 30, 2022

Maggie reminds me so much of my pup Annika who passed last year ????. The older they get the more we love them 🙂


$51.80 March 30, 2022

Love you Maggie

Yvette Schuler

$26.06 March 30, 2022


$10.61 March 30, 2022

Lawrence Johnston

$10.61 March 30, 2022

Oh, Maggie!! You deserve the best years ahead!!!


$26.06 March 30, 2022

Yay Maggie!

Kim Cushman

$26.06 March 30, 2022

Good luck Maggie

John Mooney

$103.30 March 30, 2022

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