Lemon was officially adopted on January 19, 2022. His elbow is healing well and he’s getting more and more confident putting weight on it. Our commitment to him doesn’t end here. We will continue to cover any and all medical bills related to this injury, the original reason he was unlikely to make it out of the shelter. You can scroll through this page to see his entire journey.



Lemon was found as a stray on December 30, 2021 with what appeared to be an awkwardly fractured leg right at the elbow. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that his fracture will be difficult to fix. The leg will require surgery and possibly amputation. Despite his name, Lemon is a very sweet dog, who welcomed all of our head pats during our visit with him. He was, however, reluctant to share his backstory.

Freedom Ride

Lemon is on his way to the vet at this very moment! He’s got a very pink, fluffy bed and he doesn’t mind. He’s obviously very comfortable in his masculinity.


The doctor thinks he can save the leg! He’ll undergo surgery over the weekend!

Pupdate 1/9/21

Lemon’s surgery went well! He was neutered and his elbow fracture was repaired. He doesn’t need a cast so he just has a little bald elbow for a little bit. He is back home with his foster learning what life is like back on four legs.

Cathleen J Burke

$50.00 January 8, 2022

Christopher Liles

$10.61 January 8, 2022

Get well soon Lemon!

Kelli Moran

$26.06 January 8, 2022

Bonnie Do

$10.61 January 8, 2022

In memory of our StanLee.

lisa landy

$26.06 January 7, 2022

Melissa Ortega

$15.76 January 7, 2022


$5.46 January 7, 2022

Mohammad Fasahat

$51.80 January 7, 2022


$26.06 January 7, 2022


$20.00 January 7, 2022

Christi Atherton

$26.06 January 7, 2022

Michael Kivetz

$26.06 January 7, 2022

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