This is Layla. She’s a senior gal that came to the shelter as a stray in rough condition. Layla has skin masses in multiple places on her body, broken teeth, ear infections, skin issues, and arthritis that limits her mobility. Layla needs medication, physical therapy and supplements to help her feel healthy again.

From our partner, Deity Animal Rescue: “We met her in her kennel where she sat at the front, staring at us, asking us for help. We saw the the magic in her eyes at that moment and couldn’t leave her.”

Freedom Ride

Despite her physical condition, Layla is sweet as pie. She was a bit nervous in the shelter, but she was never anything other than friendly to the humans who helped her.

Vet Visit

Getting her physical condition looked at and a plan of action in place for her treatment was top priority. She has multiple skin masses, some “hanging masses” on her chest and a mass on her eyelid. The vet determined that these are mostly superficial and don’t need to be removed, but she will continue to be monitored for any changes.

She also has ground down and broken teeth, which require a dental appointment to clean and fix up.

Layla’s most pressing concern is her arthritis, which severely limits her mobility. She is very stiff throughout her body and will benefit from medication, physical therapy and supplements to help her limber up.


In her foster home, she’s known as “the mayor,” because she stops and greets everyone she passes on walks. She’s very friendly and gentle to all who approach her.

15/10 Treat

August 11, 2022

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