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August 9, 2022

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This is Kevin. He was brought to the shelter as an underweight, nervous stray. When offered food, he wasn’t interested. In addition to a handful of medical issues, the poor guy couldn’t catch a break and also caught kennel cough while in the shelter.

Vet Visit

Kevin has dental issues, cloudy eyes and, after a veterinary examination, a significant heart murmur. Surgery for dental and neutering can’t take place until the heart murmur is under control. His kennel cough made things worse – he was sneezing, coughing, low energy and losing weight. Usually this can be treated with antibiotics, but because his case was so bad he had to be isolated at the doctor’s office until his symptoms lessened. This took TEN whole days. After he was cleared, he went to a foster home to settle in.


When Kevin was cleared to go back to his foster home, he began eating, playing, and had more energy. He was finally strong and healthy enough for a full vet examination. The vet found he had a heart murmur that will require medical intervention. The plan is for Kevin to see a cardiologist to determine what medication is best for him. Kevin will need this medication for the rest of his life.

Kevin is so tiny (6 pounds total right now!) and he’s a lovebug. He always wants to be held and cuddled. Once he kicked the worst of the kennel cough, his personality really came out! He’s silly, sweet, dances for treats and likes to sleep on pillows.

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