Chester was officially adopted on 12/11/21 by her foster mom! She couldn’t imagine life without him. She mentioned a big reason why she can adopt him is because his thyroid medication and dental is covered by us! Very very cool stuff. You can scroll through this page to read his entire story.


Chester is a 10-year-old terrier mix who was surrendered to South LA shelter right before Thanksgiving. He has a stiff hind end, maybe an issue with his rear left leg (he favors his right), and needs a dental assessment. He was friendly with the other dogs at the shelter but maybe a little too friendly. He humped everybody. And we don’t mean to body shame but it looks like he swallowed a football horizontally, or he simply has incredible lats. We don’t know much about his history but we are guessing he did a lot of pull-ups.

Freedom Ride

Chester shared his freedom ride with Shadow. He rested easy and we’re hoping to get him a full evaluation at the vet tomorrow.

Vet Visit

We learned that Chester has a thyroid issue and will need continuous medication for that, a mild skin infection, a stiff hind end due to arthritis, and may need a few teeth pulled.

Foster Home

Chester went into foster on 12/2. The first thing he got was a big, thorough bath! Please enjoy.

Pupdate: 1/19/22

Chester had his dental surgery and only had to have one tooth removed. It was REALLY BAD. He is happy and pain free now.

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