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April 15, 2022

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Brave Little Toaster was adopted in June of 2022 to a family who loves her for her sweet personality, her goofiness and her energy. Her head tilts are a plus, too.


This sweet pup arrived at the shelter as a stray with eye trauma, a broken tooth and several fractures in her little body. She has fractures in her pelvis, both of her hips, her tail and her two hind legs. The fact that she was still walking is really a testament to her will to live, hence her name: Brave Little Toaster.

Vet Visit

The vet visit was a scary experience for our Brave Little Toaster. Due to her many, painful injuries, the examination was not fun at all, and she may not have been as brave as she wanted to be. There’s no photographic proof though… so as far as we know she did very well while the vet performed their examination! Who’s to truly say? 😏

Her x-rays showed that her left hind leg has fractures located pretty high up in the bone, so she would need a femoral head osteotomy (FHO) and to remove the broken acetabulum – or the ball part of the ball and socket of the hip. This will create a “false joint” and allow her to use the leg with less pain. Her right leg, however, has too many fractures to count, so the best course of action would be amputation. She will also need her eye and broken tooth removed to relieve discomfort.

The plan is to get her rear end surgeries as soon as possible, but until then, she will be fitted for a mobility cart and undergo physical therapy to re-build her strength. We have no doubts that Toaster will have any problems overcoming these obstacles – she’s so strong.

xray showing several fractures to hip and rear leg bones
xray showing several fractures to hip and rear leg bones
xray showing several fractures to hip and rear leg bones


Toaster is staying with a wonderful foster family that includes other dogs and a bunny – all of whom she loves and gets along with. We’ve been told Toaster is sweet as pie, so it’s no wonder that she’s made friends already. ❤

tan beagle and small tan and brown dog stand and sit next to each other as they look up at you. looks like there may be treats involved in holding their attention
small tan and brown dog lays on a dog bed and look up at you
small tan and brown dog stands in a kitchen eating out of a bowl. her right hind leg is lifted as she favors it


Brave Little Toaster was adopted by a loving family who are so excited to have her as part of their family.

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