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September 6, 2023

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Austin Humane Society received an urgent call asking for assistance when 23 animals were found after their owner had passed away. These animals had been locked in crates, starved for both food and attention.

As soon as they received the call, AHS arranged for their immediate care and transfer. Jazz, Flamenca, Jive, Chacha, Disco, Polka, Salsa, Macarena, and Waltz make up the group we affectionately call the Austin Dance Crew. These nine dogs will require significant and ongoing care.

This is Jazz.
This is Flamenca.
This is Jive.
This is Polka.
This is Disco.
This is Waltz.
This is Chacha.
This is Macarena.
This is Salsa.

Vet Visit

When they arrived at Austin Humane Society, the team sprang into action. They have already been started on specialized feeding plans to safely gain weight while their other medical needs are addressed. They all require extensive testing and treatment, which includes the following:

  • Jazz, Jive & Flamenca: These girls have had bloodwork, skin scrapes, and x-rays. Next steps are for them to see the cardiologist to determine the severity of their heart murmurs. When they are medically cleared for anesthesia, they will have a dental cleaning and extractions.
  • Chacha: This sweet wiggly boy has a specialized feeding plan to gain weight. He is a 1 out of 9 on the Body Conditioning Scale, which is as skinny as it gets. He’ll need some lumps and bumps removed too once he gains a little weight.
  • Disco: This happy little one had her skin scrape and started on a feeding plan. She also needs a mammary mass removed and tested for cancerous cells.
  • Polka: She has had skin scrape and is on a feeding plan to address emaciation. Polka needs a dental cleaning and treatment for a painful left hip. She is on medication to help manage pain while she gains weight and before her next recheck.
  • Salsa: Salsa has had skin scrape, bloodwork and is on a special feeding plan to help her put on some pounds. She has a slight heart murmur that will hopefully go away with weight gain, but if not then she will require a visit to the cardiologist as well prior to her spay and dental cleaning.
  • Macarena: This lovely little senior gal, 10-year-old Macarena is underweight, has severe matting on her hind legs, fleas, and hair loss. She has had a skin scrape to check for mites and has also started on a special feeding plan. She desperately needs a surgery to address the dental disease causing high white blood cells and inflammation.
  • Waltz: She has severe pressure sores on her backend, caused by neglect and emaciation. She also has advanced dental disease which requires cleaning and extractions- and a flea infestation causing a skin infection. Waltz has been getting medicated baths twice a week.

The road to full recovery will be long for this crew, but they are full of wags along the way. Something about their smiles tells us they’re grateful to have been saved.

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